Quartzsite, Arizona

Quartzsite is a well known destinations for snowbirds and tourism is the major contributor to Quartzsite's economy. In a Mohave Desert setting and is only 879 feet above sea level, more than 1 million folks visit this community each year. The summer population is around 3430, but swells to a temporary peakof over 250,000 in the winter.

Many take part in the nine major gem, mineral shows and over 15 general swapmeeting shows. A rock hunter's paradise surrounds Quartzsite. There are many places to search for agates, limonite cubes, gold, and quartz, and good "finds" are there to be found.

The nearby Colorado River offers visitors a variety of water sports ranging from fishing to speed boat racing.

uartzsite has the normal places to eat and get fuel including Love's Truck/Auto Center, Pilot Truck Center, Dairy Queen, Subway, McDonald's, Burger King, and Pizza Hut.

And there are campgrounds, mobile home parks and other overnight accommodations in the area. Quartzsite is surrounded by BLM land for day use, long-term camping and 14-day free camping. There are also over 70 mobile home and RV parks with more than 6,000 total spaces.

Quartzsite offers a broad range of community facilities including an 80 acre park, swimming pools, senior citizens hall, recreation centers, a public library, and lots of shuffleboard courts.

Historic and scenic areas include Celia's Rainbow Botanical Gardens, Crystal Hill, Tyson Tanks, Tyson Wells Museum and the Hi Jolly Monument.

Quartzsite is 125 miles west of Phoenix at the junction of Interstate 10 and U.S. 95, near the Colorado River in La Paz County.

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