La Paz County

La Paz Countyencompasses approximately 4,500 square miles of desert, rivers, lakes, streams, mountain ranges, and valleys, with a population of 19,715 in the year 2000.

La Paz Countyis one of 15 counties in Arizona, and is the newest being formed in 1983. The northern portion of Yuma County became La Paz County.

Tourism and agriculture are the leaders in the county’s economy, with the towns of Parker ( the county seat ) and Quartzsite the main population centers.

La Paz County is bordered on the west by the Colorado River which contributes greatly to the recreational and agricultural industries of the region. Water recreation is king. The 17-mile Parker Strip offers some of the best water for skiing, boating, jet skiing, wave-running, and swimming, as well as excellent fishing in the western United States.

Off-highway vehicle owners can enjoy miles and miles of off-road trails, old mines and ghost towns.

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La Paz County
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