Lake Powell - Frequently Ask Questions
Lake Powell:
2nd largest man-made lake in the United States
186 miles long
has over 90 major canyons
has almost 2000 miles of shoreline(more than the west coast of the United States)
maximum elevation of Lake Powell is 3,700' (at Full Pool)
Lake Powell is home to:
More than 170 species of birds
800 different mammals
More than a dozen reptile species
There are five rivers feeding into Lake Powell
The Green River from Wyoming
The Colorado River from Colorado
The San Juan River from New Mexico
The Escalante River from Utah
The Dirty Devil River from Utah
Glen Canyon Dam
Started in 1957
Water depth is over 500' at Glen Canyon Dam at Full Pool
The crest spans 1,560' and rises 710' above the bedrock
Capable of producing 1,320,000 kilowatts of electricity
Crest spans 1,560'
First reached Full Pool in 1980
Power Generation
800-megawatt hydroelectric dam is operated by the Bureau of
Reclamation, which sends its power to cities in the West.
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