Lake Mead
Lake Mead, is named after Dr. Elwood Mead, the U.S. Reclamation Commissioner between 1924 and 1936. Lake Mead is the reservoir created by the 726-foot Hoover Dam and began filling in 1935. It is the tallest dam in the Western Hemispher.
Lake Havasu
Lake Mohave
Lake Powell
Lake Mead

Hoover Dam
Because of his long involvement in the project, from his days as Secretary of Commerce to his tenure as 31st president, no other politician is more responsible for the successful completion of Hoover Dam than Herbert Hoover.

The Herbert Hoover
Presidential Library-Museum

The electrical power provided by Hoover Dam goes to Southern California, 56%, Arizona, 19%, and Nevada, which gets 25% of the allocation.

This old ferry was how you got across the Colorado River

Getting across the river was a lot easier when the dam was completed.

Construction housing in Boulder City, Nevada

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