Lake Havasu City

In 1963, on the Mohave County courthouse steps in Kingman, Arizona, the town's founder, Robert P. McCullock, Sr. purchased a 26 square mile parcel of barren desert, that would become the site for Lake Havasu City. At the time it was the largest single tract of state land ever sold in Arizona, and the cost per acre was under $75.

Then he and a friend bought the "London Bridge" for 2.5 million in 1968, and had it moved from London to Lake Havasu City and erected again, stone by stone. After the bridge was reassembled, the Bridgewater Channel was dredged to create an island that houses a marina, a golf course, hotels and a campground. Now you can shop for trinkets and treasures in the authentic English Village, right under the world famous London Bridge.

Lake Havasu was created with the construction of Parker Dam in the 1930’s. Until the dam systems on the Colorado River were built, what is now Lake Havasu was a remote section of the Colorado River, winding its way through the rugged terrain.

Today, Lake Havasu is both a water lover's paradise and a desert lover's dream with over 400 miles of stunning freshwater shoreline. Lake Havasu now hosts a number of races and regattas throughout the year, including the International Jet Sport Boat Association's World Finals, considered the "Super Bowl" of jet-ski and personal watercraft racing.

Although the water is Lake Havasu City's main draw, visitors can choose from a number of other activities. Golfers can pick among four courses, three of them 18-hole. To the south and north of the city, national wildlife refuges (NWRs) are favorite places for nature lovers. Bill Williams NWR, to the south, preserves a beautiful six-mile stretch of river. Havasu NWR includes a 13-mile section of the Colorado known as Topock Gorge.

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