Fort Mojave

Fort Mojave is located on the Colorado River, at the western edge of Arizona. Bordered on the west by the states of Nevada and California, and on the east by the Black Mountains of Arizona, it is located in what is generally referred to as the low desert, an area of warmth and sun, low relative humidity and scant rainfall. This virtually smog-free, dry and hot climate creates a very desirable environment for the residents of the area.

Ideal for the relaxed retirement lifestyle of the southwest, Fort Mojave is close to entertainment, recreation, shopping and medical facilities.

Fort Mojave (zip code 86426) is that unincorporated area lying between the Bullhead City Limits south to Boundary Cone Road and east from the river to the limit of development. Fort Mojave has historically been referred to as the Fort Mojave Mesa or simply "the Mesa".

Many in the Bullhead City and Laughlin area consider the combined communities of Fort Mojave with a population of 8,919, and Mohave Valley with a population of 6,700 to be all "Mohave Valley".

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Fort Mojave is located in Mohave County, with Kingman the county seat.
Towns and Communities of Mohave County
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