Apache County

Apache County's present area is 7,151,360 acres. The Northern half of Apache County lies within the boundaries of the 14,450,369 acre Navajo Reservation. The reservation is changing rapidly, but the landmarks and history stay as they have always been.

Apache County contains parts of the Navajo Indian Reservation, the Fort Apache Indian Reservation, and Petrified Forest National Park. Canyon de Chelly National Monument is entirely within the county.

Navajoland has within its boundaries some of the most spectacular monuments that have been created by nature. It has often been said that within the Navajoland lie the "Seven Wonders of the Navajo World."

Apache County celebrated its 125 years in 2004. The county has seen significant changes during its first 125 years. The least of which were improvements to roads, the jail, justice courts and county schools.

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