America's Natural Theme Park
Arizona is internationally renowned for it natural beauty, its pleasant winters, varied recreational activities and diverse cultural opportunities. There's no place on earth quite like the Grand Canyon State with 26 national parks, 27 state parks, assorted monuments, and many recreation areas and historic sites.

Arizona has a lot to offer with breathtaking landscapes of tall mountain ranges and great canyons such as the The Grand Canyon, nature's grandest architectural masterpiece, which is 227 miles long, one mile deep, and has an average width of ten miles. There are swift rivers, grasslands, sand dunes, and cactus forests. And then there is all the Arizona history which is rich in legends of America's Old West.

More than 325 golf courses are ready for you, plus snow skiing, water skiing, mountain biking, hiking, horse-back riding, boating, rock climbing, rafting, camping, hunting and fishing. This is truly an outdoor enthusiasts paradise!

For spectator spots there are several national golf tournaments, and the Arizona Diamondbacks if your like baseball. You will also find NFL Football, NBA Basketball, NHL Hockey, NASCAR, professional teSSnnis, professional and amateurs rodeo events. There is such a wide variety that will please anyone.

A variety of cultural attractions such as museums, ballet, opera and concerts for all musical tastes provides the basis to feed the sole with the arts necessary for a fullfilled life. There is a quality of life in Arizona that is unsurpassed by any area of its size in the world. Arizona has so many positive factors including climate, open spaces, job opportunities, lower living costs, natural beauty, friendliness of people, abundance of natural resources and a minimum danger of physical hazards such as earthquakes or floods.

Many people come to Arizona for the overall warm climate that has attracted new residents for decades. The dry desert air make a visit to Arizona a truly unforgettable experience, especially for snowbirds. And once your here, you'll want to visit again and again. Then you'll want to live here! It great to be called an Arizonan, or Arizonian as residents are.

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